MBG Testing Update:

The MBG Division has completed testing showing that MBG treads as specified in ANSI/NAAMM MBG 531 meet the load requirements of  OSHA 29CFR 1910.24 (c) and the latest edition of the International Building Code (IBC).  For more information click here.


EMMA Testing Update:

The EMMA Division has completed testing showing excellent reduction of solar heat gain when expanded metal is used as a sun screen.  For more information click here.


Welcome to NAAMM

Since 1938, the National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers (NAAMM) has represented a wide variety of architectural metal products for building construction. NAAMM currently has six operating divisions, which promote the use of their specific products through the development and distribution of technical standards.

The divisions are:

- Architectural Metal Products
- Detention Equipment Manufacturers Association
- Expanded Metal Lath Association
- Expanded Metal Manufacturers Association
- Hollow Metal Manufacturers Association
- Metal Bar Grating

Through NAAMM, the six divisions receive symbiotic benefits. For example, the Metal Finishes Manual provides information on finishing which is applicable to all Divisions. Issues related to topics of mutual interest to manufacturers, such as workman's compensation, employee relationships, right-to-know, insurance issues, EPA and OSHA are addressed among NAAMM members.

The underlying focus of each division is the same and follows the Association's overall goals of:

1. Developing, maintaining, publishing, and distributing technical information on metal products for building construction. This includes specifications, manuals, and other information for building design professionals.

2. Promoting the use of NAAMM technical resources, NAAMM member firms and their products.

3. Providing a forum for the exchange of management and technical information among the members.

For additional information about NAAMM Divisions and their products, click on the division links located on the top and in the left-hand column of this page.


*To navigate the NAAMM website, use the toolbar on the left and select what division you would like more information about. Also, to find out more about the NAAMM/ANSI Standards that are currently under either revision or review, click on the ANSI Information link on the left toolbar and then Pending Standards.